App peak Performance delivered

Syntrosys’s performance testing services enable your applications to operate at peak performance.


Performance Modeling Syntrosys works with your team to identify performance objectives of your application as you expect your application to deliver.
Capacity Planning Team Syntrosys performs performance study of your applications to determine infrastructure capacity requirements to better handle the planned and future workloads.
Load, Volume, Scalability & Stress Testing Team Syntrosys performs performance study of your applications by testing functionality and measuring responses under peak loads to ensure application can handle desired data and user requests.
Failover and Reliability Testing Team Syntrosys helps you verify how your applications failover and help you determine when and how likely your applications can fail.
Diagnostic Services Team Syntrosys helps you diagnose any performance issues and identify the root cause for the performance failures.
Performance Optimization Team Syntrosys helps you optimize the application performance based on the performance information collected over the period of time.

Performance study services

  • Performance testing analysis to understand application architecture,environment, configuration for the planned/desired capacity and performance.
  • Performance metrics – response time, throughput, page load time, resource utilization etc measured on server and client machines at peak, normal and off-peak loads.