Web App Development

Web application development has diverse technology requirements for user interface, frameworks, OMR, database, backend, processing and stacks. Leveraging framework speeds up development and helps building high quality applications.
Building usable, effective and elegant user interface for web applications requires use of multiple technologies and UI Frameworks. Team Syntrosys uses multiple technologies and UI framework to quickly build the user interface for web applications.

user interface


Web 2.0 applications with large number of users and heavy traffic have diverse requirements – caching, SSO, authentication, authorization, security, error handling, logging, internationalization, performance tuning, personalization etc. Robust web applications like e-commerce, content management systems, customer relationship managements, portals, forums etc use frameworks that support all the requirements of enterprise grade web and cloud applications. Team Syntrosys leverages the framework and patterns to accelerate the development and deliver high performance web applications.